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New course - Climate 101 for asset managers and analysts

The opportunities and risks of climate change – what fund managers must know

As climate change issues are becoming more ferocious, frequent and apparent, the risks and opportunities they create today and in the future are undeniable. Fund managers need to equip themselves to better understand where climate will show up in their investment universes. It's to serve this urgent need, that we have produced this training course.

“Climate change is a daunting topic, given its ubiquity and scale. We are understanding more and more about it, including the urgency with which we must change, so fund managers really must tool up… not just for risk management reasons and to improve the stability of the planet through supporting the decarbonisation of businesses, also to see it as a means for creating value”, says Fiona Donnelly of Red Links.

Derek McGibney of Cognitive GRC adds “Many clients are coming to this topic from a compliance angle, which is another very real and pressing driver for in scope fund managers. While global regulators have differing approaches for climate, there is common ground in the recognition that this risk is one that must be assessed and evaluated. Doing nothing is not an option when it comes to climate risk”.

Asset management-related education provider IPI has a global perspective on what investment professionals are seeking. As Anna Stephenson, Founding Partner at IPI explains, “We know many investment professionals are grappling with what climate change means for their investment strategy and universe. And that is only set to increase as climate risk becomes more grave and the related governance and disclosures more prescribed. We are pleased to add this introductory module to our offerings.”

This introductory course is intended to give fund managers and analysts an overview on some of the basic concepts plus provide a few tools and references of how to get started in considering climate change in current and future portfolios. It involves questions and a quiz to check delegates understanding, plus an option to receive a course completion credit certificate, which could help with CPD/CPT requirements. Further details are available here.

The content is suitable for market participants in any jurisdiction as it deals with the fundamentals that apply for all. For more information on Hong Kong CPT requirements please refer to here. For more details on the Hong Kong Climate, please refer to our prior article here.

For more information contact:

Fiona Donnelly, Director, Red Links

Derek McGibney, Managing Director, Cognitive GRC

T: +852 3905 2886

Cognitive GRC Limited is a Hong Kong based global compliance consultant the provides clients with access to practical governance risk and compliance advisory services through a mix of full-time consultants and trusted service partners like Red Links.

Lisa So, Global Head of Ops & Administration, Inflection Point Intelligence

T: +852 9098 6116 |

The course is available through IPI’s Catalog. Please contact Lisa So or Derek McGibney for group/corporate rates.


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