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through strategy, engagement and sustainability services

It's "CODE RED"on the planet.

Now, more than ever, it is up to us - as individuals and as businesses - to take responsibility for the future of our planet.


And worryingly, since our launch, the world’s most eminent climate scientists are ringing alarm bells for the future of the planet per the same call to action. 

We need to accept this science and all that it means for us, and the urgent need to consider sustainability - it's no longer something that we can ignore.

And if we work together, we have an even better chance of realising ALL the value from addressing these critical "people and planet" issues. 




In response to the growing demand for knowledge, guidance and actionable strategies, Red Links has established a unique consortium of experienced sustainability and business professionals to provide tailor-made, business-ready solutions.   

Our people, each with a highly regarded reputation and established track record can provide flexible, external consultancy services or ongoing in-house support.  

Red Links is led and co-ordinated by Fiona Donnelly, a seasoned B2B professional and long-term Hong Kong resident.  Her background and experience give her an unusual business perspective that cuts across traditional functions.  For sustainability, it’s a view that is becoming increasingly relevant and urgent as businesses and finance grapple with balancing their greater roles and responsibilities, and profit objectives.  

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